About Us

MIORG is an immuno-oncology research group with the ultimate goal of improving patients’ cancer immunity to achieve better responses to top cancer immunotherapies. Our research strategy is based on a reverse translational approach. This means that our research starts in the patient’s biopsy, in which we uncover new biomarkers of resistance to immunotherapies. These biomarkers can become new prognostication tools and targets for new adjuvant immunotherapies. We validate the functions of these biomarkers in well established in vivo and ex vivo models for new drug development. Lately, we combine these new drugs with current immunotherapies to unleash response to patients.

Our vision is to conduct world-class research to unleash the benefits of immune checkpoint therapies (ICT) and cancer vaccines to refractory patients using metastatic melanoma as the main cancer model.

We apply state-of-the-art technologies, such as Mass Cytometry and Digital Spatial Profiling (NanoString) to solid and liquid biopsies linked with full clinical data in our discovery stage.

Our research is aligned with sustainable development by engaging a participatory society for citizens. We are committed to promoting equal opportunities to enable all people to have access to the most recent updates related to the field of immunotherapy prognostication and therapeutic development in Finland and Europe.